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Bangkok in 1960 and 2010

(Pictures taken in the same spots)

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Contributed by: Special Adviser of JTBF
Kazuo Kikkawa

The photos of the left side were taken in 1960, while the right side ones were in 2010 from the same spots, so that we may compare and realize how Bangkok has changed and developed. Another album with the title of "Thailand in 1960, Half a Century Ago", is also compiled with the photos taken in the same 1960 without the recent photos for comparison.

All photos were taken by Kazuo KIKKAWA, Special Adviser of JTBF.

The Erawan Hotel in 1960, most modern hotel in the city at that time.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, same spot in 2010.

The photo of Ploengchit road taken from the Gaysorn junction (in front of present Inter-Continental Hotel).

BTS prevents us from seeing backside of the structure of BTS.

Along the roads, there were khlongs which became the road later.

There were row of trees along the road in old days. Those trees are remaining in Wireless Road.

This縲€might be a soi road, next to the British Embassy at Ploenchit Road.

The small khlong along the Embassy wall has been renovated recently.

The head quarter of Chulalongkorn University.

The present campus is surrounded by tall buildings and trees.

The statue of King Rama VI at the corner of Lumphini Park in 1960.

Lumphini Park is surrounded by many tall buildings.

Inside of Lumphini Park.

Stone bench in the above photo seems to be the same one in the left photo.

The east end of Yawaraj Road.

No big change can be seen except many cars and some green trees.

This building was a land-mark at the junction of Yawaraj Road and CharoenKrung Road.

The building remains as it was 50 years ago.

The street car in the Yawaraj Road. Even small car was separated, by 1st (with mattress) and 2nd class.

Some portions of Yawaraj Street show old days with 2 story shop-house.

In Yawaraj Road, there were lots of shops selling watch, electric home appliances and other imported goods.

Most of the buildings along Yawaraj Street are now 5-6 stories

In front of Central Post Office. Many Japanese Companies had the offices in this area in the '60s.

There was little parking space. It might be the reason why the business center moved to Silom Road.

Lang Luang Road crossing Khlong Krung Kasem.

City tram was moved out in late 1960's. Kholong water seems polluted, so it is not used for transportation purpose.

Fruits and vegetables were brought in by boats through the khlong.

Foods are carried in by trucks, not depending on the khlong, these days.

Khlong Krung Kasem near HuaLamPhong Station in old days.

By shutting the gate with Chaopraya River, the khlong became polluted to the worst level in 90's. The water has been improved recently.

Phahon Yothin Road to Dong Muang Air Port.

Phahon Yothin Road have changed surprisingly.

Other than Bangkok

There were many floating houses on Nan River in Pitsanulok, which became a spot for sightseeing.

No floating house now, although there were more than dozen ten years ago.

In Ayuthya, there was the trace showing old Japanese village in Ayuthya Dynasty.old Japanese village in Ayuthya Dynasty.

Old Japanese village in Ayuthya Dynasty.